Modvion åter uppmärksammade av Dagens Industri, Nordens största affärstidning

Dagens Industri skrev i veckan än en gång om Modvions banbrytande teknik; att bygga vindkraftstorn i laminerat trä. Företagets första kommersiella torn är nu under uppbyggnad på Skaraslätten, drygt en mil från Skara. Med bygget av världens högsta vindkraftstorn av trä är svenska träteknikbolaget Modvion nu redo för sitt stora genombrott, enligt vd:n Otto Lundman. […]

Dagens Nyheter announces building has begun for Wind of Change

DN, one of Sweden’s biggest daily papers, published an article on the 26th June 2023 highlighting that the build for Modvion’s first commercial wind turbine tower is underway. In the print version of the article Modvion was already mentioned on the front page with a full page article coming on page eight. The prominent placement […]

Modvion in Dagens Industri

On Tuesday 21st March Modvion was featured in Sweden’s biggest financial newspaper, Dagens Industri. The double page spread was part of a series highlighting impact companies in Sweden. Modvion’s wooden wind turbine towers, that can enable net zero energy generation from wind, fits into the theme perfectly. Dagen’s Industri journalist, Jenny Stiernstedt, interviewed Modvion CEO […]

Year in Review 2022

In a young company you’re always looking forward and things move fast. So, when you actually take the opportunity to look back it’s incredible to see what you have achieved. Here are some highlights from life at Modvion over the past year… 1. We’re in production! In January our location at Transportgatan, otherwise known as […]

RES visits Modvion for a study visit

RES in the nordics recently signed a letter of intent with Modvion and we have gained quite some interest within the company. What we thought would be a study visit of a few people turned into 35, a record number of visitors in one go! It was wonderful to meet the team and get to […]